March 18th, 2010 7:18 pm

Each Spring I look at my violin case and I wonder how it got to the state that I find it. It seems that I accumulate items over the course of the Winter, and I have to take some time to clean out the clutter to make room for the important stuff.
What do I find? More paper clips than I ever knew existed. That cake of rosin that disappeared in September. Sheet music that should have been returned to the music library right after the December concert. ANOTHER mute. Used strings. New strings. Broken strings. I keep fearing (or hoping) that I’m going to encounter a half eaten Big Mac or at least a few fries or Doritos.
What don’t I find? My mechanical pencil. (I replace them every week. I think mechanical pencils and violin cases are related to dryers and socks.) My business cards.
I guess that I’ll take an hour to clean things out…set things up…and clean the rosin dust off my violin and bow once again. And I’ll make my thrice-yearly resolution to keep things neat and clean. Things will look good for a few weeks before the downhill slide starts once again.

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