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Can Five More Minutes Make a Difference?

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to try to make a significant improvement in my playing this year. There are several things that I intend to do to achieve this, but probably the most simple that I am planning is adding a mere five minutes to every practice.

The key is not going to be playing my violin an extra five minutes. In fact the five minutes that I am adding, and that I am suggesting that you add, will take place between the time that I play the last note and the time I close the lid to my violin case.

I’m going to do a much better job organizing what I practice and play. I’m going to write down what I do right and what I do wrong. And I’m going to make sure that the next time I pick up the instrument I step right back into the thick of things. The five minutes that I spend writing a critique of my practice as well as any insights that I have during the practice are going to pay off big time! Guaranteed. And if I take the time to write down things that other people tell me it will help even more. Lists and journals are important. What your teacher or peers told you are important. Things that I want to remember are important. Five minutes at the end of this practice will probably save me ten or fifteen minutes during my next practice, and it will allow me to use those extra minutes more effectively!

Art Haule